Community Guidelines

All visitors to Ontario Proud must follow our community guidelines. Individuals who do not follow these guidelines will be banned without warning.


  • Treat others online as you would treat them in real life
  • Be tolerant towards other’s viewpoints; respectfully disagree when opinions do not align
  • Respect the privacy and personal information of others
  • Communicate with courtesy and respect

Please do not:

  • Make personal attacks on other community members or public figures
  • Use defamatory remarks or make false statements
  • Post prejudiced comments, hateful language or profanity
  • Bully or make inflammatory remarks

As one of the most popular Facebook pages in Canada, we receive thousands of comments every day. We have automatic filters in place to exclude profanity and hateful language.

We also do our best to have a human individually review comments, but it is simply impossible to review every single comment posted by the public given the sheer volume of comments.

If you find a post that you believe violates our guidelines, please e-mail and flag it so it can be reviewed.

You can also report the comment in question to Facebook directly.