Our Work

Ontario Proud is revolutionizing Ontario politics by giving power back to the people. With over 368,000 supporters, we are the largest digital advocacy group in Ontario politics. In fact, we regularly boast more online engagement than most media outlets, including the CBC and Toronto Star.

Since our founding in 2016, our content is viewed by around four million Ontarians each week, primarily via Facebook. Our message of affordable hydro and ending political corruption struck a chord.

With our legion of supporters, we built a grassroots movement that put sustained pressure on Kathleen Wynne, and did we ever succeed. With viral memes and hard-hitting videos, we helped reduce Wynne’s party to seven seats in the last Ontario election. Ontario’s Liberals even lost official party status.

But we’re not finished. Not even close. We’re going to make sure the movement we built continues to speak out on issues that matter to working Ontarians.

And we’re going to continue to hold politicians accountable at all levels of government. This includes defeating failed leaders like Justin Trudeau.

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